Off The Wall Balloon

Jeff Haliczer's Biography Continued

Some highlights of my travels have been to be the only balloonist at Burningman in 2006 and 2007, flying the red rock canyons of Gallup, New Mexico. Going back to Gallup is like going home for me, with friends and familiar places. It is an event I look forward to all year. It is a long drive but the thought of flying the Red Rocks is worth every mile, I suggest going to their website and checking out the wonderful pictures of 200 balloons nestled in the red rock canyons of the southwest.

I consider myself to be a professional in every aspect of the sport with safety being my prime concern in all of my flights. Safety for my passengers, crew, and equipment are my top priority. I enjoy getting spectators to help especially the younger children who love to spread the fabric as the fan inflates the envelope, and putting a smile on the faces of the crowd gathered to watch the balloon take shape from the moment the basket is off loaded to the time I lift off. I try to interact with the spectators and share the excitement, the passion and enjoyment of the sport of hot air ballooning. I consider myself to be an easygoing guy who takes everything in stride, I try to be relaxed and enjoy the experience of flight in a ‘lighter than air’ aircraft.

For my parents, may they continue to provide inspiration to others through me.

Seymour L. “Sy” Haliczer
February 22, 1928 - February 10, 2006

Marilyn J. “Skeets” Haliczer
June 19, 1931 - May 9, 2006

Seymour & Marilyn Haliczer